• Kristen was very helpful in all aspects of our estate sale. We chose ArmstrongCaperton & Co. because their listings sell quickly.

February 8, 2016 – Beatrice Landolt

  • We were in town eating at a restaurant and were referred to ArmstrongCaperton & Co. Martha worked with us and was great with communication and had exceptional professionalism.

January 22, 2016 – William & Sallie Spivey

  • Kristen went above and beyond to make sure we got the home we wanted. We chose to work with her because of her promptness in answering questions and concerns with our out-of-state purchasing. Kristen answered us when we emailed her through Realtor.com. She set up viewings each time we flew into Texas and was very helpful and professional.

November 30, 2015 – Arthur & Sheenagh Seymour

  • Martha was EXCELLENT!

November 11, 2015 – Charles Crittenden & Janet Weimer

  • Kristen communicated well and was very knowledgeable and professional.

October 14, 2015 – George & Carolyn Wallace

  • Kristen lived up to our expectations. We chose to work with ArmstrongCaperton & Co. due to their convenient location.

September 11, 2015 – Morris & Janice Pryor

  • Martha communicated on a regular basis and did a great job explaining things. She was extremely polite and courteous. I always enjoyed looking at The Red List and was impressed with the professionalism projected.

August 7, 2015 – Vickie Braddock

  • Martha was a great communicator and worked very hard.

August 7, 2015 – Ralph and Teresa Marchesano

  • Jessica was great and very helpful.

July 31, 2015 – Michael Laughlin

  • Kristen resolved issues well. She offered services above and beyond her call of duty.

July 20, 2015 – Max Jameson

  • Martha was great at texting me updates consistently. I chose her because she came with a highly rated referral.

January 30, 2015 – Kerry Wagner

  • Martha went over and beyond helping. She was outstanding!!! Reading an ad on the internet, I felt God was telling me to use her.

January 16, 2015 – Katherine Etheridge

  • Martha worked on our time and fast. She was recommended to us and we were perfectly happy with her.

December 15, 2014 – Jim & Betty Sanders

  • Martha went above and beyond the call of duty in all areas. We had to sell our dad’s home due to his stroke and none of us live in Texas. She took care of many details to help us out! She was a true blessing!

October 7, 2014 – Tana Schatz

  • What did your Realtor® do well? “Everything!”

October 3, 2014 – Mark Prince

  • Martha was very kind, diligent, and willing to do the right thing. She was so kind and helpful and Jessica was prompt in responding to our initial call.

August 7, 2014 – Joey and Debbie Kenkel

  • Jessica seemed to have a lot of good business and was able to market my home very well.

July 2, 2014 – Trudy Pinkerton

  •    Jessica was very professional. She communicated very well between myself and the  buyer throughout the process. There were numerous family members involved with the sell and we all were very satisfied with Jessica and the sell price.

Tue, Sep 24, 2013 – Duane Spruill

  • Ms. Armstrong and her staff know their market and facilitated a smooth experience for me (seller).

Sun, Sep 1, 2013 – Reese Lewis

  • Jessica is extremely knowledgable with the real estate process. She is also very aware of the local market. The attention she gives your unique situation gives the whole process a very personal feel. Would highly recommend her.

Mon, Aug 26, 2013 – Timothy & Lindsay Howk

Wed, May 22, 2013 – Kim Boetger

  • Great Realtor! Jessica really did a great job selling our property and would recommend her to anyone. She has great resources and knows what she is doing.

Mon, May 6, 2013




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