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Back to School: Corona Version

Back-to-School Resources: Corona Virus Edition

New to this year’s back to school supply list? Online resources! With an ever-changing plan for the 2020-2021 school, there is the potential for kids spending a lot more time at home to follow social distancing guidelines with Covid-19.

Here are some great educational online resources to keep your kiddos engaged and learning while at home:


Kids Learning Tube   |   Homeschool Pop   |   Cosmic Yoga   |   SciShow   |  National Geographic Kids   |   Crash Course


Brain Games  | Magic School Bus  |  Story Bots  |  Word Party  |  Bill Nye the Science Guy


Creative Galaxy  |  TumbleLeaf  |  Wild About Animals  |  Children Of The World Series  |  DrawMe A Story Series

Other Online Educational Resources: 

Kahn Academy  |  BrainPop  | Scholastic  |  ABC Mouse


TIP: A lot of these resources are available as Apps on both the Amazon Firestick and Roku Premiere Devices, so if you are looking for an option to keep your kids entertained while balancing working from home and classes with limited devices, these are great alternatives!