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The houseplant lifestyle has been making a huge comeback as of late, and you do not want to miss out on the benefits for not only yourself, but potential buyers when trying to sell your home. Not only are they proven to improve mood as well as alleviate stress and anxiety, houseplants can be an easy way to add a welcoming dose of life and color to a staged home.

Starting your own urban jungle can be a little intimidating for those of us with, let’s just say, not the greenest of thumbs, however this list of easy to grow houseplants should be a cinch for any level of gardener.

Spider plant

The lush Spider plant is an easy to care for addition to any home or porch. This trailing plant will enjoy bright light but will also grow in partial-direct sun. Water heavily in the summer to help beat the Texas heat and watch as it it quickly grows. Mature plants will develop trailing vines with small white flowers and ‘babies’ that can be cut and easily propagated.


This trailing vine is not only one of the easiest plants to keep, but also one of the easiest plants to propagate. Pothos will thrive best in shade to part shade conditions outdoors or bright, indirect light indoors. Hang from the ceiling or perch on top of a book shelf and let the vines trail below. One advantage to keeping Pothos indoors? They help purify air of chemicals such as formaldehyde, trichloroethene, toluene, xylene and benzene.

Parlor Palm

You probably think of a large, tropical bush or tree when I say ‘palm’, however the Parlor Palm is a smaller breed, closer resembling a thin-trunked shrub. As a houseplant, they can reach about 2 or 6 feet in height, however they are very slow in growth. Preferring bright, indirect light, these plants make an easy addition to any nook or cranny in your home- they are even safe for pets and children.


Also known as the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ due to its large, split leaves, the Monstera is a popular plant for the home. The Monstera is easy to care for and will be happy in filtered, indirect light with occasional watering. Originating from the rainforest, these plants prefer a humid environment and will enjoy a gentle misting once a week. If its large, iconic leaves begin to look a little dusty, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Snake plant

“Perfect for people who can’t keep anything alive” is a common description of the Sansevieria Snake plant, also known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’. You might not know from its long, thin leaves, however this Snake plant is a type of succulent and prefers either succulent soil mix or well-draining soil. Place your Snake plant in indirect light and almost forget about it as it works to purify your air

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