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Selling a property is stressful. Selling a property during a Pandemic can be very stressful. In order to help you and your family stay safe while selling your home, we have developed a list of showing guidelines for every home that is listed with Armstrong Properties.

Here are some tips to follow to stage and prepare your home to be shown to buyers by a licensed REALTOR®:

#1: Communicate with your agent ahead of time.
(Please be sure to communicate any special request you may have with your agent while they show your property.)
The current showing guidelines in place for showings include:
• If our agents or clients are sick or showing any symptoms of COVID-19, we are asking that they reschedule their visit after the recommended 14-day self-quarantine.
• Limiting all showings to TWO adults at a time. If there are more than 2 parties, shifts will be taken to show the property and masks will be worn.
• The showing agent will handle touching all doors and lights with gloves to avoid excessive touching of surfaces.
• We recommend maintaining six feet of social distancing between parties and wear a mask when in the property, if applicable.
• All agents will be in charge of cleaning doors, lights and surfaces after the showing is complete.

Bonus: Leave hand sanitizer, masks, shoe covers, or gloves near your door for people to use.

#2: Stage your home:
By cleaning your home, opening all doors and leaving lights on, you not only optimize the success of your showing, but you minimize the chance of agents or buyers needing to touch anything when they walk through your home.

• Thoroughly clean the whole house – Vacuum the carpet, mop hard floors, and clean all countertops.
• Turn on all your lights and turn off electronic devices and fans.
• Open all blinds and window treatments to allow outside light in.
• Put away all extra shoes, clothes, toys, miscellaneous items that might be laying out.
• Kitchen: Remove all dishes from the sink, put away extra food or items on the counters.
• Dining Room: Clear table, straight all chairs, and clean up any food or messes.
• Bedrooms: Make the beds, put away extra clothes, and store all personal items.
• Bathrooms: Clean countertops completely, put away extra personal items, shower mats, and towels.
• Living Room: Remove toys, papers, magazines, etc., and make sure that all devices are turned off.
• Yards/Land: Clean up any pet waste, toys, hoses, trashcans, etc., and fix any necessary landscape problems.
• Pets: Be sure to make arrangements for any of your pets and clean up any waste that might be in the yard.

#3: Clean all surfaces.
While all agents are doing their best to clean up after themselves and their clients, we still recommend that you clean any door handles or touchpoints following your showing.

Our team understands and respects that this is a hard time for our communities and we are doing our best to help our clients get through it safely. We look forward to helping you and hope you all stay safe!

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